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Hi there, Cam from Jane Wonder here. One of my daily obsessions, you ask? Blog trawling! I get a ton of inspiration doing this and I do it every single day. I get inspiration from trends, colour combinations, styling, beauty looks, photography, and loads more! I’m still an aspiring outfit blogger, so this is all very important to me. Today I’d like to share a few of my favourite fashion bloggers, and in future I’ll showcase more from around the world – including South Africa of course 😉



1. Blair from Atlantic-Pacific

This stunning lady is one of my top ten bloggers in the world. What I like about her blog, and quite a few others, is that it’s not copy-intensive. All I want to know is where she got an item. I really don’t need a run-down of what she was thinking and feeling the day she put it on.

2. Jennifer from Native Fox

This Cali blogger has an enviable bag and shoe collection! Louboutin, Brian Atwood, Saint Laurent, Chanel, Celine, Jimmy Choo – the list goes on! This blog allows me to live my designer dreams through someone else and without the price tag

3. Sydne from Sydne Style

As much as I love bloggers who post outfit shots and minimal copy, I also love Sydne’s take on fashion, “translating the latest runway and red carpet trends for the everyday woman”, and also her YouTube channel. Her videos are long enough to give you great advice and short enough to hold your attention. Her channel consists of the following ‘shows’; A-Z Trend Guide: Spring/Summer 2013, The Petite & Tall Show with Devon Dyer, and various other TV and interview segments.

4. Anna from Fash Boulevard

Anna James wears many hats, the bio on her site says “Contributing Editor for (which I love and subscribe to), Style Columnist for Giuliana Rancic & Vanity Fair, Fashion Editor for” and more! I love her laid-back, cool and easy style which is very attainable for the conservative dresser.

5. Mary from Happily Grey

This blog is one of my newest finds. Mary is a beautiful lady from Nashville. Her signature, in my opinion, is thoughtfully mixing prints and colours to create an individual and unique style. I get a lot of inspiration from her style and I think you can too!

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Do you have any other fashion bloggers from the USA to recommend? Let me know on Twitter, @CamGildenhuys

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