Tiaan Nagel


Tiaan Nagel received the prestigious Elle/LISOF scholarship in 2001 and completed his apprenticeship with the iconic Clive Rundle. During his studies at LISOF, Tiaan was awarded the Vukani Designer of the Year award. In August 2005 Tiaan’s label took flight as he showed his first collection at SA Fashion Week and in 2007 was awarded the coveted Elle New Talent award. In March 2008 Tiaan was honoured with the Prix D’Excellence de la mode award and in September of that year Tiaan opened his first Tiaan Nagel boutique in Parktown North, Johannesburg and unveiled his flagship store in 2009.


Founder: Tiaan Nagel / Started: 2007 / Location: Johannesburg / Design Style: Clean, classic, futuristic, attention to detail.

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