Sylvester Falata


Sylvester Falata’s story began in Klerksdorp in 2005, where he studied at The North West School of Design. He followed this up by becoming one of the youngest finalist of the Vukani young designer search in 2005. Recognizing Sylvester’s innate talent and dynamic vision, Anna Getaneh of African Mosaique mentored and tutored him. He was simultaneously commissioned as one of the designers responsible for developing an in-house label collaborating with other designers like Eric Raisina, gaining experience over the years from multiple South African veterans as a designer and assistant designer. The gap in the market for his classic yet edgy design style became increasingly evident. That’s when Sylvester Falata was born.

Founder: Sylvester Falata | Started: 2007 | Location: Johannesburg | Design Style: Classic yet edgy.

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