Stoned Cherrie

Stoned Cherrie

Stoned Cherrie was launched to rave reviews at SA Fashion Week in 2000. Celebratory in style and trendsetting, Stoned Cherrie
soon became an award-winning  afro-chic design label whose iconic Drum T-shirts celebrated and paid homage to what it means to be African in the 21st Century. Stoned Cherrie continues to make strides with its ceramics, fabrics and eyewear range, now available at over 600 optometrists throughout Africa. Now in their second decade, Stoned Cherrie is busy reinventing itself once more – from Sophiatown chic to bespoke afro-urban wear – opening new doors for the fashionably conscious.

Founder: Nkhensani Nkosi | Started: 2000 | Location: Parkmore | Design Style: Settling into their second decade, the Stoned Cherrie design aesthetic has shifted into bespoke afro-urban chic.

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