Scatter Heart


During school holidays Zelri worked at Peter Bondisio’s Bridal couture studio. She started to design smart casual outfits for herself and her friends, whom could not find outfits that suited their lifestyle. She gained valuable knowledge from working at the studio and also from studying BDes at Inscape Design College and she decided to start her own fashion label Scatter Heart in 2009. Scatter Heart originates from the term “scatter brained”, a typical trait of a creative person, which gives the audience somewhat of a peek into a creative mind, and the process that goes into the design of the ultimate garment. The label and designs are an extension and materialisation of the designers passion for fashion, fabrics and patterns.

Founder: Zelri van der Schyff | Started: 2009 | Location: Gauteng | Design Style: Modern and contemporary, bold but still sexy and fun.

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