SA Fashion Week

What is SA Fashion Week?

South African Fashion Week was created 15 years ago with a determination to create a platform that would develop and support local talent and sustainable business in the fashion design industry. The core focus was, and to this day remains, to strive towards turning the South African fashion industry into a design-led industry rather than relying on imitations from the international scene and production-led retail power houses.


Lucilla Booyzen

MANY PEOPLE are unaware of the ongoing work that quietly continues behind the scenes between fashion weeks. SA Fashion Week is more than just a few days of glamour and excitement. We dedicate our time and energy throughout the year to the promotion and marketing of the top South Africa designers and also nurture emerging new talent, based on international best practice.

It’s easy to be dazzled by the spotlights and forget that our creative fashion industry could be amongst the five biggest industries in the country. And, if we want to become a player in the global market, we’ll need skills development programmes that support designers too.

Lack of  skills and limited fabrics are just two of the challenges that currently prevent SA designers from exporting successfully. I launched SA Fashion Week 17 years ago and have always ensured that the designers we represent are positioned for success in the market and that they become part of a strong, design-led fashion industry.

When the lights dim at SA Fashion Week it’s certainly not the end of the show.

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