Pinxter App Names Top 15 Fashion Brands for 2014


Pinxter, the Innovative Social Media Fashion Decision App, Announces Users’ Favorite Store Brands of the Year

The votes have been tallied and 2014’s most popular fashion brand winners have been named.

According to the tens of millions of votes captured by the Pinxter App real-time rating platform on its users sharing their preferred styles, inspiring best fashion trends, and asking advice on what to wear, Pinxter’s top 15 fashion store brands for 2014 have been crowned.

Based in Alexandria, Virginia, Pinxter Inc. is a tech company known for its social media, interactive iTunes apps. Pinxter Inc. has used its innovative single platform in instant feedback, mass-public brand apps such as WedStyleChoicy, and its namesake, Pinxter, the social fashion decision app, the company’s first release. Pinxter enables its populace of users to quickly and easily give and receive fashion feedback on apparel and accessories. Users upload photos of what they’re wearing or buying to get “yes” or “no” votes from their friends, followers, or anonymously via the entire Pinxter community. Users can also tag brands, follow fashion trends, and discover new looks emerging in real time.

Pinxter CEO and co-Founder Sergei Dubograev explains that real-time feedback is the centerpiece of the Pinxter concept. “Our app’s platform engages consumers with their favorite brands then provides them with a unique rating system that allows users to upload images of products to get instant feedback. So while consumers are making worldwide social connections and discovering new trends, participating companies are able to capture data on Pinxter’s analytic dashboard and leverage their own products on the app based on the trends they’re observing as well as helping them better understand their consumers’ opinions and influences.”

The ratings below were gathered by the overall trending score based on growth over the past 12 months and an upward rating analysis among the Pinxter community. While brands like Aeropostale, American Eagle, and Abercrombie & Fitch have fallen some spots in Pinxter’s 2014 rankings from 2013, brands like Brandy Melville, Under Armour, and Nike are on the rise. And debuting on this year’s list are such classics as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein as well as new favorites like Free People. See the entire list below:

Pinxter’s Top 15 of 2014

1. H&M
2. Nike
3. Forever 21
4. Under Armour
5. PacSun
6. Urban Outfitters
7. Brandy Melville
8. Free People
10. Abercrombie & Fitch
11. Aeropostale
12. American Eagle
13. Victoria’s Secret/PINK
14. Ralph Lauren
15. Calvin Klein

Pinxter’s Top 15 of 2013

1. Aeropostale
2. American Eagle
3. Abercrombie & Fitch
4. H&M
5. Forever 21
6. PacSun
7. Urban Outfitters
9. Nike
10. Gap
11. Victoria’s Secret/PINK
12. Justice/Limited Too
13. Old Navy
14. Brandy Melville
15. Under Armour

In addition to the 2014 year-end rankings, Pinxter also collected some other interesting data tidbits on their users, like the color pink is preferred twice as much in the U.S. Northeast than the South, and female users are much more likely to share their fashion preferences on hairstyles and shoes rather than pants or sweaters.


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