Pan Am Takes Off With Cult Belt By Viennese Fashion Label


Austrian trend label Flug zeug, well-known for its accessories made from airline materials, is reviving the most iconic brand of the jet age with a stylish BELT officially licensed by Pan Am.

Pan Am was always more than just an airline – it was an institution. For decades, Pan Am embodied the jet age like no other airline and was the epitome of stylish flying. Reason enough for Flug zeug to give Pan Am back its wings.


The popular Flug zeug BELT fashion belt with aircraft buckle is now also available in a Pan Am Edition – initially in two versions: a blue Pan Am version with on-trend woven-in Pan Am lettering and a more discreet version with a plain black belt strap. Both feature the Pan Am logo in high-quality engraving on the aircraft seatbelt buckle. Technically, the new Pan Am cult belts are the same as the existing Flug zeugBELTs, with a robust airline buckle, a belt strap made of durable seatbelt material and an infinitely adjustable fastening.


Flug zeug founder Andreas Roesler-Schmidt was already interested in a Pan Am product when he founded the brand three years ago. “When creating Flug zeug products, we draw on the same love of flying that Pan Am also stood for. The two brands fit together perfectly and create a coherent combination for all those who love that airline design style,” the new Pan Am licensee proudly explains.

The Flug zeug rucksack is made from discarded life jackets from airplanes.

The Flug zeug rucksack is made from discarded life jackets from airplanes.

Roesler-Schmidt knows more than anyone else about making creative accessories out of airline materials. The Flug zeug brand features bags and sleeves made out of decommissioned life jackets, a necklace made from a life jacket capsule as well as the fashion belt with aircraft buckle in six different colours. “Our brand appeals to people who like individual fashion that makes a strong statement,” explains Roesler-Schmidt.

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Founder, Andreas Roesler Schmidt has created a brand from decommissioned airline waste.

Founder, Andreas Roesler Schmidt, has created a fashion brand from decommissioned airline waste.

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