Men who tuck are happier and more successful


Fruit of the Loom has unlocked the secret to happiness and success and it only takes five seconds a day. It’s called the Tuck Effect – tuck your shirt, change your life. Today, the brand released the results of its Tuck Effect survey with findings suggesting that men who tuck their tees have a noticeably positive and outgoing approach to life. Building on the recent launch of the Fruit of the Loom Stay-Tucked Crew, this quantitative study analyzed how a tucked shirt is indicative of more success in a man’s personal and professional life.

Fruit of the Loom surveyed more than 1,000 guys ages 25-60 about the quality of their lives in relation to five of life’s fundamental pillars – happiness, optimism, social status, income and relationships. The survey found that in each of these pillars, men who tuck came out on top of those who don’t. We are in fact a nation divided by tucking with only 49% of all guys tucking at least 3 days a week. The Tuck Effect further revealed:

  • More than 60% of tuckers report being happier on the job
  • Tuckers are 10% more likely to report being socially outgoing
  • Tuckers are 22% more likely to say they’re optimistic about the future
  • Tuckers indicate a 19% higher income than non-tuckers
  • Tuckers are 8% more likely to report they date often

Tucking isn’t just a habit – it’s a lifestyle – and Fruit of the Loom wants to champion it.

“At Fruit of the Loom we are passionate about tucking,” said Bryse Yonts, Manager of Brand Communications at Fruit of the Loom. “We know that a great tuck starts with the right undershirt, which is why we created the Stay-Tucked Crew. The Tuck Effect study allowed us to explore the power of tucking and is just one example of how we continue to keep consumer needs and wants at the center of all we do.”

The brand now hopes to inspire non-tuckers and the 78% of men that only tuck some of the time with, an online experience from its advertising agency CP+B, where consumers can learn more about the survey results and view shareable content related to the history of the tuck and the powers tucking wields in everyday life. On the site, the brand is also encouraging consumers to take the 1-day Tuck Challenge by simply testing out the tuck of the Fruit of the Loom Stay-Tucked tee to see how life could change for the better.

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