Magents Open new Cape Town Store


Magents have opened their new store in Canal Walk, Cape Town.

Being Afrikan, you all know as well as we do, waiting outside the door for your interview, you have to be twice as good as your European brother or other foreign counterparts to get the job. This is the daily reality that we all face and have to deal with.

The fact is, Afrika is rising. The winds of change are happening right under our noses. It is for us, not only to realize but also to recognize this extraordinary point in time that we live in. It is not a mere debate but more an energy and belief of “we are”, that is brewing within the sub consciousness of every Afrikan. This has nothing to do with skin tone, it is a rising and that rising is the “Afrikan Rising” that we are witnessing right now.

Magents has retailed in high-end stores across the globe, next to the best the world has to offer and never stood back for any. We have felt this “Afrikan Rise” in our bones for over 20 years. We have been waiting patiently for different energies and elements to come together and align so that we can accurately express our beloved Afrika, rising from within.


We joined hands with “Wear South African” in granting them the retail license for South Africa. Wear South African is owned by the South African Clothing & Textile Workers Union. With this structure, the money is not flowing into the hands of a few but benefits the people. Magents aims to roll out stand-alone concept stores both locally and in selected international cities, followed by reintroducing our international distribution, which was our most successful venture so far.

Some of you have been a part of our journey and we cherish your support, your comments, your beliefs and at times your frowns. Some of you have called us political and some have asked us if we are a “black” brand. To those that have been with us and know us and to those who have not or don’t know us, we assure you that we are most certainly orange (the soil), if you had to use a colour. Our very own son of the soil, Mr. Thabo Mbeki so eloquently expressed, that he is an African and that he can feel all sorts of races and colours running through his veins.


We are not waiting for you to write a nice story about us or to merely sell you a couple of garments. The fact is nothing can stop this amazing “Afrika Rise” current, it IS here and you are part of it! We are asking that you come and celebrate “The Rise” with us, expressed through threads of cotton. To come and witness our heritage expressed in form. We have had so much fun incorporated amazing textures and elements of actual shacks on our walls, old tires doubling up as sneaker displays, the pride of our very own Nguni and that famous barbershop chair that our forefathers sat in for many years.

Our aim and goal is to have all apparel manufactured in Africa. To have an honest expression of what we all feel rising from within. The “Konscious Warriors” will once again raise their fists in celebration of another victory closer to a more accurate expression of “The Rise”.


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