Let Your Soul Dance In New Maaji Collection


Columbian lifestyle brand, Maaji, has launched a much-anticipated collection of equestrian-inspired fitness attire. Fusing functionality with extraordinary design, the Studio Collection embodies exceptional quality, cutting edge technology and fashion forward trends. Through a journey of photographic prints set against a neon colour palette, Maaji once again pushes the boundaries of creative imagination whilst taking fitness into the realm of fantasy.

Making its debut at the prestigious Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swimwear, in Miami July 2014, the Studio Collection travels down an evolutionary road that catapults Maaji into an all-encompassing lifestyle space. The new product oering allows the brand to be present in more areas of the Maaji girl’s life. “Maaji started as a swimwear brand but is now a lifestyle brand. Our girl is a very active girl so it was an area we definitely needed and wanted to explore,” explains Maaji Co-Founder, Manuela Sierra. “Release your body, train your spirit, make your soul dance!” she says.

The Studio Collection boasts an eclectic range of feminine silhouettes including athletic tops, dazzling leotards, sports bras, and figure fitting yoga pants as well as eye-catching shorts and capri style pants. These multifunctional pieces can be worn during yoga, swimming, dancing, and surfing, running or even just for a casual daytime look. Mix and match prints in Nylon and Lycra blends ensure that garments work equally as eciently both in and out of the water. Neon orange, blushing pink, turquoise, luminous green and luscious purple are some of the colours making up the eclectic collection.


101STX 108SBX 112SBX 113SCX

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