What is the Khumbula Collective?


The Khumbula Collective is run by five talented fashion enthusiasts in Johannesburg. They feel that African stories are not being told the way they should be. Interpreters of African stories sometimes deliver to their audience a preconceived idea. The group decided to tell stories that aren’t normally seen on TV, using fashion as a way of appealling to their audience. They found it easy because they didn’t have to change anything in their lives to do this – the stories came naturally to them. Khumbula is a Nguni word for remember and it was chosen as a reminder their African roots. They want to tell stories about Africa, remembered for what it is – dark and mysterious, but drop-dead beautiful. The collective are, from left to right above: Bafana Mthembu, Andile Biyana and David Maledimo. Not shown are Harness Hamese (photographer) and Phirima Motaung (writer). Find them at Facebook.com/thedandylionproject

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