Jamal Nxedlana Subverts Denim

The Missshape brand, has launched its AW14 collection as a lookbook presentation.
The collection features chambre denim and looks to present the fabric in an unconventional way, aiming to subvert denim and the current associations around this fabric. Jamal Nxedlana, Creative Director of the brand says, “I wanted to treat denim in a much softer way by draping and gathering it, and by combining it with soft, fluid fabrics. I then took details from traditional denim pieces, such as a denim jacket, and recreated it using much softer fabrics, such as sequined mesh. Another example is the jacket dress, which is a tailored rendition of a denim jacket, made with boucle.
missshape_8 missshape_7 missshape_6 missshape_5 missshape_4 missshape_3

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  1. Shauntele

    Well done, a lot of people make the claim they “have a new take on denim” but this is truly an original interpretation and display.

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