Iconic Art Director George Lois Retained by Fashion Week Brooklyn


George Lois, who created and helped to build many of the world’s leading brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger, ESPN, and “I want my MTV,” is excited about his newest assignment–raising worldwide visibility for Fashion Week Brooklyn, Oct. 1-8, 2016. 

“Lois heads TransMedia Group’s New York-based creative wing, Lois TransMedia, who’ll be working with strategic partner, and New Creative/Talent Management Agency AVMGDIGITAL whose clients include: Multi-Platinum

“Together we’ll make Fashion Week Brooklyn (FWBK) even more visible as a fashion destination” said Tom Madden of Lois TransMedia.

‘Lois is buzzing with creative ideas and Lois TransMedia Big Idea Advertising and Public Relations will increase the position of Fashion Week Brooklyn as a major bi-annual international designer’s collection event.”

“We’re thrilled to work with new partners to support our mission to raise awareness for BK Style Foundation causes,” said BK Style Foundation/FWBK Founder/Director Rick Davy.

The 10th FWBK (“Destination Brooklyn” Spring/Summer 2017 – Oct 1-8, 2016) promises to be the greatest ever.

“This event has grown in stature throughout the fashion world. Now powered by the creative genius of George Lois, our publicity will catapult Fashion Week Brooklyn to even greater heights of awareness and prestige,” added Madden.

Fashion Week Brooklyn (FW|BK) is a bi-annual international collection show founded by the 501c3 non-profit BK|Style Foundation (BK|SF). FW|BK has emerged a leading fashion event showcasing talent of aspiring and established designers worldwide (named #5 international fashion event, not sponsored by Mercedes Benz). Attendees include a diverse spectrum of socially conscious, influential, fashion-forward people internationally.

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