Getting to know Waseefa Hutton of HSE of Bespoke

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Waseefa Hutton has always immersed herself in the fashion space, from watching her grandmother sew clothes, to learning about fashion buying from her mother from a young age.

We chat to the owner of “Hse of Bespoke emporium” about her brand, our collaboration with her (find out more here) and much more!

Tell us about yourself and your brand Hse of bespoke . How did it all begin?

I spent my early years working both in retail and then moved into advertising and later on became a brand manger for a luxury good company, before launching my fashion career. 

An eye for design has come naturally to me, and much of what I know is self-taught. I started my first brand about ten years ago with just R500 and an idea to design headscarves, kimonos, and accessories for the burgeoning modest wear industry. The brand has expanded and evolved into what we know now as the Hse of Bespoke.

What brands are you currently curating on Hse of Bespoke and why these specific brands?

Brands supporting both sustainable fashion and ethical business practices:

Hse of Bespoke by WH 

Sitting pretty

ME & B

The Edge scarves

Iloni Jewellery

Top hats

Who does your brand-aesthetic speak to?

It has become synonymous with breaking the traditional idea of beauty and exploring designs that capture the motivations and passions of the modern wonder woman. It is a fashion brand that rests on a philosophy that dressing is an everyday phenomenon, both mundane and extraordinary, for women of all ethnicities.

Tell us about your move from the physical store to digital?

As I looked to the future, the desire grew to create a business that is fit for the future, supporting both sustainable fashion and ethical business practices. It became clear that Hse of Bespoke needed to embrace the 4th industrial revolution and move into a fully digital space, integrating fashion and technology. A more global footprint has established through engagements with designers from across Africa who will soon collaborate with the Hse of Bespoke.

Tell us about your current collection.

The Spring/ Summer ’19  collection by Hse of Bespoke is inspired by the authenticity I find in nature, people and places, and the same quality I look for in the materials I choose.

For example, the organic feels expressed through colour schemes, textures and emotions and the tones release the essence of tranquillity. This captures the quintessential strength in subtle movement and empowerment. Embracing and adapting rather than manipulating. Feeling passionate about landscape, and its connection with such fabrics and colours.

What’s next for Waseefa and Hse of Bespoke?

With having moved into a global digital space which in essence allows me to operate in any part of the world and my overwhelming desire to finally move back to Cape Town with family, coupled with my absolute need to allow my creativity to run unbridled and design in a way I have never designed before, Hse of Bespoke will have a new home in the mother city as well as being a stockist in a few boutiques in other major cities . Keep your eyes peeled for what’s yet to come and follow us on our social media platforms for further updates. 

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