My Fave Bloggers: USA edition #2


Hi there, Cam from Jane Wonder here. One of my daily obsessions, you ask? Blog trawling! I get a ton of inspiration doing this and I do it every single day. I get inspiration in terms of trends, colour combinations, styling, beauty looks, photography, and loads more! I am still an aspiring outfit blogger, so this is all very important to me. Today I’d like to share a few of my favourite fashion bloggers, and in future I will showcase more from all over the world – including South Africa of course.



1. Jessica from Hapa Time

This gorgeous gal has stunning style and a wardrobe to die for! I very seldom see her post the same item twice. She’s also a very pretty girl and I like the way she does makeup, I am getting inspired for my makeup course that starts in 2 weeks’ time! Her outfits are sleek and stylish, they also aren’t too complicated from a styling sense. Definitely someone to keep an eye on if you prefer easy-to-put-together style.    


2. Annabelle from Viva Luxury

This is quite a new find and I am officially OBSESSED with her style! I would say that she has quite a classic style, but with very updated items. She covers all the trends; pastel, print, leather. Annabelle has an enviable accessory selection, especially her jewellery. She is also always perfectly manicured which anyone can appreciate.



3. Ashley from Shoerazzi

This was one of the first blogs I ever ‘religiously’ followed. If anyone is a shoe fan then this will be a firm fave. My favourite section of her blog is the celeb section. She looks at pics of celebs on the red carpet or in magazine pictorials and shows her readers which brand and style of shoes they are wearing. This is perfect for when you see a celeb wearing a pair of shoes and you have to know what they are (I’ve included pictures below). She also shows the latest collections and educates us more on some fab shoe designers.


4. Emily from Ivory Lane

Emily is a mom, so her style is very no-fuss and quiet simple. However, she really does style her pieces so well. I really enjoy her laid-back and classic style and take a lot of inspiration from her when I don’t really feel like dressing up or for work. What first drew me to her was her bag selection, stunning!


5. Christine from Hello Fashion

Christine is definitely one of the most laid-back bloggers that I follow. Her style is fashionable but functional, and she definitely rocks the warm and comfy look! If you like boots then this is definitely a blog to watch, Christine is almost always wearing flat boots, heeled boots or booties. She’s also recently announced that she’s pregnant, so if you need some style inspiration from a fellow mommy-to-be then you’ve found your gal.


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