What is Fashion?

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“Fashion is about the way we compose ourselves every day,” Miuccia Prada once wrote. We begin every day as a blank canvas, ready to show the world our worth, based on what we choose to adorn ourselves with. You can even use clothes to reinvent yourself –  one of the cheaper ways of doing so.

On the deepest level, clothes are worn to attract and seduce, but they also tell a story. Whether you choose the latest bespoke trend or rummage through lines of vintage clothing to find someone else’s story, it doesn’t matter. What counts is how you put it together and the satisfaction you feel at not looking like a shop window display.

Being open and receptive to the world around you is crucial if you want to develop a unique sense of style. Travel, movies, history and nature can all be inspirations. If you lack the imagination, you can always look to the 162 designers listed in the latest edition of the SA Fashion Handbook for help. You may be surprised to learn that they draw their inspiration from the very same world around you.

Grant Schreiber is the publisher of the South African Fashion Handbook @SchreiberMedia

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