The experimental male



Men continue to be experimental and conscious of what they wear. These are the key messages for spring / summer 2014.


1| Styling

Eclectic Formal

Formalwear has a strong 80’s eclectic influence with a definite feel of pop-art and post modernism. Classic suiting checks are contrasted with loud shirt prints or pop colour accessories.

Outdoor Pursuits

Sportswear is influenced by rock climbing and outdoor pursuits. Rope and tech details lend a slightly rugged appearance.

Minimal Tailoring

Minimal tailoring lends itself to a retro-futuristic mood with a focus on insert details, precise cutting and a bold use of solid colour brights for collarless jackets and shirts.

Clean Sportswear

Sportswear also takes on a cleaner more sophisticated approach with tone-on-tone patching. Layered sheers and weathered fabrics bring an utility element to pared down sports casuals.

2| Colour



The mid-tone palette evolves the use of pastels by greying then off with unexpected shots of clear aqua or yellow. These tonal combinations are mixed through colour blocking or intertwined mélange fabrics.

Saturated Brights

Menswear also tells a bolder story as we see saturated brights working as solids for mix-and-match tailored separates with a strong Mexican and Cuban influence.

Menswear has adopted colour with real confidence over the past few seasons. This season builds on it with new and more sophisticated colour combinations.

3| Key Items

Textured Suit


The suit is kept slim and minimal in its fit but is offered in new textural fabrics. For the most style-aware we have ombre pigment overdyes building on rough dry textures. More commercially, the suits are offered in subtle linen blends. Pair the suits with simple black or white tees.

Soft Safari Jacket

The utility or safari jacket has been a key piece in summer ranges for the last few years, it has been updated in a softer shape. Fabrics are softer and slightly crumpled with unstructured shoulders and belted waists.

Wider leg tailored short

Shorts are wider than we’ve seen in previous seasons. Fabrics are soft to complement the easy fit and relaxed style.

4| Print and Pattern

The recent shift towards a more confident use of colour has seen an increase in the importance of print and pattern.

Pigmented Checks and Stripes

Shirts with pigmented checks and stripes in earth tones have a rustic, natural feel in light weight blends.

Loud printed shirts

Bold shirts featuring graffiti or geometric 80’s patterning in bold colour combinations work well with suits. They add an edge to formalwear, particularly in conjunction with off-beat checks and stripes.

5| Materials

Paper Touch

Paper touch fabrics work well for suiting and separates, especially in unstructured silhouettes. These fabrics introduce a tech feel to suiting – from directional crumpled and low sheen surfaces to more subtle dry, papery handles.

Noisy Knitted Stripe

The noisy knotted stripe is a great update and was inspired by the digital influence and white noise from old analogue TV. This stripe works well in sports pants and shorts as part of an outdoorsy , rock climbing look.

6| Key Details

Toggle Fastenings

The ever present nautical trend is re-emphasized by an increased use of toggle fastenings, made new by more complex nautical knots.

Indigo Patches

Patch pockets and elbow patches work well, especially indigo and denim patches for jersey basics.

Minimal Futuristic

Sports looks continue to have their relevance updated with the use of zips. Zipped utility pockets and asymmetric biker zips help to make a design statement for clean, minimal futuristic styling.


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