Elena Taranina Launches Len Len Style Fashion Blog


Moscow born now New York native Elena Taranina shares her fashion forward lifestyle on new blog. Decorated with some of her favorite fashion, travel and food destinations, LenLenStyle is a hot insiders guide for hip globe-trotting, restaurant-hopping, fashion lovers and voyeurs alike.

Elena credits her mother for having instilled her inherent sense of style at a young age, “even if you are taking out the garbage, dress your best, you never know who you might meet” she recalls her mother saying, a woman she says was always stylish despite it almost impossible to purchase anything during this USSR era.

A love of fashion and good style never left Elena. She relocated to Geneva at sixteen, completed school, graduated with an MBA and soon after shifted her focus to travel. Today she travels between Moscow, Geneva, Zurich, Paris and London to discover new trends in fashion and apply these to her own wardrobe and everyday style.

She promises her blog will show readers some of the tricks in fashion she has learnt, how to mix clothes and accessories from vintage pieces to current collections.

“Motherhood does not make it easy to have time to read all the latest magazines or go to every fashion week” Elena notes, “but I still want to feel and look beautiful while being fashionable, the blog will be a balance of real life and some more luxurious indulges.”

In addition to sharing great fashion insights, expect to read her tips on the best hair solons, spas, hotels, restaurants and nightspots plus culture indulgences from art openings to new ballet shows.

Above all clever fashion and packing for continent to continent travelers, all experiences she draws on from her own frequent travels, including front row at every prete a porte collection in Paris over the last 8 years.

Elena has teamed up with professional photographer and good friend Sabina Vishnevska to capture the imagery on her blog. It will be a steady stream of gorgeous imagery, Elena’s confident it will create a more content rich reading experience.

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