Andrew Ondrejcak collaborates with the Ethical Fashion Initiative


The writer, director and designer Andrew Ondrejcak has joined forces with the International Trade Centre’s (ITC) Ethical Fashion Initiative to design the costumes for his upcoming play, Elijah Green, to be premiered at The Kitchen in New York City on 10 March 2016.

Andrew Ondrejcak travelled with ITC’s Ethical Fashion Initiative to Haiti, Burkina Faso and Mali to meet with artisans and source fabric, jewellery, art and items to create the costumes and the play’s set. In Burkina Faso, Andrew Ondrejcak discovered fabric handwoven by women weavers and in Mali he received a crash course in the art of bogolan by master artisan, Boubacar Doumbia. While in Haiti, Andrew Ondrejcak was able to meet with a wide variety of artisans to source latanier hats, papier-mâché accessories and tailor made metal drum pieces and many more. ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative also sourced traditional Kenyan Maasai jewellery and samples of Kenyan crafts.

1 YUKI KAWAHISA © Georgia Neirheim

Top: Bogolan (mud-dyed) organic cotton by Boubakar Doumbia from Ndomo Gallerie (Mali), Karakul hat made of Qaraqui sheep (Pakistan), metal, plastic and glass beaded jewelry by Ahaya Alagui from the ‘Village Artisanal’ (Burkina Faso) with metal pieces (Cote d’Ivoire). Glass-beaded Maasai bracelets (Kenya). Bottom: vintage kimono (Japan)

The subject of human interconnectivity is central to Elijah Green and as such it is a pleasure for ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative to be linked to this production which represents many values central to its mission.

Produced by Tanya Selvaratnam and Tommy Kriegsmann/ArKtype, Elijah Green will premiere on 10 March 2016 at The Kitchen in New York. The play will be showing at 8pm from March 10-12 and 17-19. In addition, Andrew Ondrejcak will do a post-show Q&A with costume collaborators from EFI and Alba Clemente on March 17th.

Inspired by the paintings of Pieter Bruegel and August Strindberg’s A Dream Play, Elijah Green follows a divine spirit as it wanders through contemporary life. Despite unremarkable existences, the stories of the characters layer into a portrait of the interconnectivity of all humans, with each individual both the centre of the world and part of something they cannot comprehend. Andrew Ondrejcak is Artist in Residence at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City where he is working on Elijah Green, which will premiere at The Kitchen in March 2016, for which he received a MAP Grant and a National Theater Project grant through the New England Foundation for the Arts, generously provided by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

2 STUART SINGER_e_2 © Georgia Neirheim

Hair: Hand-carved cow horn hair pin by Paul-André Lafond (Haiti). Silk bow with print (China)

3 HEATHER LANG © Georgia Neirheim

Vintage Kimono (Japan), off-cut hand-dyed organic cotton strips (Mali), Cluster of leather and beaded tastles from Bamako Market (Mali)

4 EDGAR OLIVER © Georgia Neirheim

Vintage leather skull cap (Belgium). Jacket made of Bogolan organic cotton by Boubakar Doumbia from Ndomo Gallerie (Mali) with Guiness bottle caps from artist Kalyn Alexis from Gran’ Rue ‘Atis Rezistans’ collective (Haiti). Paper mache bracelets by Herbie Marshall from Jacmel (Haiti), cow horn disks by Paul-André Lafond (Haiti), pouches made of raw cowhide (courtsey of Materials for the Arts)

5 MIKE MELKOVIC © Georgia Neirheim

Tunic hand-loomed by AFEPO collective in Ponsomtengo (Burkina Faso), bow made by AFEPO collective using a home-size loom (for women to work from home while caring for their families). Hand-forged bracelets made from recycled oil drums by Mikerson Jean from Croix-des-Bouquets (Haiti). vintage kimono sash (Japan). Bogolan pants dyed by Boubakar Doumbia from Ndomo Gallerie (Mali)

6 IMANI NIA © Georgia Neirheim

Dyed teal rabbit fur and fox stole (upstate New York) with vintage fox ushanka (Russia). Fabric by Vivienne Westood. Indigo-dyed fabric strips by Sega Diallo (Mali)

7 MEG HARPER © Georgia Neirheim

Latanier’ hand-woven hat by Mamoune Clairossaint (Haiti). Jacket and large apron made of hand woven organic cotton ‘danfani’ (Burkina Faso); hand-embroidered apron by Peacequilts in Lilavois (Haiti)

8 YUKI KAWAHISA_e © Georgia Neirheim

Jacket fabric by Carolina Herrera with tye-dyed sash by Sega Diallo from Segou (Mali), board hat with burnt-in decoration purchased in Segou market (Mali), sheep-skin collar (Sweden)


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